Watford set to get connected with intechnologyWiFi

intechnologyWiFi is rolling out its unique free WiFi connectivity solution to Watford, Hertfordshire, in a partnership with the Borough Council that will enrich the city for residents, businesses and visitors alike.

The new WiFi network will provide seamless, ‘always on’ connectivity for users at no cost and without time or bandwidth limitations. While connecting users to smooth, high-speed internet, intechnologyWiFi will support the area as it makes the transition to become a smart town and enable residents to benefit from the growing Internet of Things (IoT) industry.

The new WiFi network will provide seamless, ‘always on’ connectivity for users at no cost to them or to the council and without time or bandwidth limitations.

intechnologyWiFi will also provide a smartphone app for the council, which – as well as being a ‘go-to’ resource on the town for residents and visitors – could also help to promote local businesses and deliver services through digital platforms, aligned with the town’s economic, social and community objectives. In time, empowering residents in the community to self-serve, the app could enhance community engagement, joining people more closely and helping them to build stronger relationships in the area.

The new app will also take visitor engagement beyond the boundaries of the WiFi network, attracting visitors from afar and promoting Watford’s events and services further afield, and the technology could contribute to Watford Community Housing Trust’s social inclusion aspirations and to meet the demands of its residents, 80% of whom are calling for more services online.


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