Un-Wired: WiFi connectivity in a field

Providing all the WiFi connectivity a production team needs to effectively manage a music event requires a lot of equipment and a phenomenal amount of experience and expertise.

Essentially we’re talking about installing (and, of course, later decommissioning) a fully functioning network for a demanding and business critical environment – in a field. For event organisers, it can be a nightmare trying to deal with several suppliers to ensure they have everything they need.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. At the Kasabian homecoming gig in June in Leicester’s Victoria Park, we provided all the high-standard functionality of an office network for the 100-strong production team, unobtrusively and within very tight time constraints.

In addition to providing the WiFi connectivity that allowed people to communicate on the move, we provided the other functions that are necessary to the successful management of a large music event, including CCTV for all emergency services, and voice/telephony communications for the production, stage management, catering and other teams.

All this was set up in a park that doesn’t have communication lines, so we used a mixture of technologies to deliver the backhaul to the Internet and to the organiser, LiveNation.

The network and connectivity we supplied meant that the production team could concentrate on managing the concert, scan in tickets, deal with email, and communicate with each other and the main office. And because they were able to draw on single-source expertise, they could get on with keeping on top of the overall administration of the event rather than spending time dealing with several different suppliers.

intechnologyWiFi provides an unrivalled, end-to-end, truly free WiFi solution that addresses the connectivity, coverage and capacity challenges faced by stadiums, town and city councils, and event organisers, while at the same time offering significant revenue-generating opportunities.

IntechnologyWiFi is part of Intechnology plc and is owned by Peter Wilkinson, one of the UK’s most successful technology entrepreneurs, with a proven, 30-year track record in delivering profitable, free technical solutions, including the first free consumer internet service, Freeserve. IntechnologyWiFi brings with it all the heritage, knowledge and resource of Intechnology plc, together with robust manufacturing and support facilities, a strong financial position and the expertise in IT to make your WiFi dream a reality.

If you would like to discuss your options for developing a free WiFi solution for your festival or event, please get in touch. The team would love to speak to you.


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