IntechnologySmartCities Report Featured in The Times 5G Pullout

IntechnologySmartCities’s special report, entitled ‘5G: For the Many, not the Few‘ was featured in a 5G-focused informative pullout, Raconteur, in yesterday’s (23/5/19) copy of the Times newspaper.

Raconteur aims to raise public awareness of, and understanding about, the cutting edge 5G technology soon to impact all of our lives – a subject we were well placed to contribute towards as industry experts.

The piece, by Natalie Duffield, our CEO, focused on a topic we’ve been contemplating for a while: how best to ensure the far-reaching benefits of 5G can be truly felt by all. As we discuss in the report, this relies on three core principles:

  • First, that innovative small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) should be consulted and, as far as possible, involved in the design and delivery of 5G networks.
  • Second, that the networks should cover all parts of the UK – not just the main cities. The whole country can and should be able to experience the 5G revolution at roughly the same time.
  • Finally, the potential of 5G can only truly be realised in collaboration with tried-and-tested secure technologies such as WiFi – a topic we’ve covered previously on the blog.

You can read Natalie’s report in full here.

As a company, we’re pleased to have been part of a public, nation-wide effort to raise awareness about 5G’s potential, as a company heavily involved in the connectivity sector. In future, we hope to be able to further assist similar initiatives, drawing on the full reserve of our industry expertise.

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