Free WiFi now provided in hostels across Southend

IntechnologyWiFi is fighting social exclusion and isolation in Southend-on-Sea by rolling out free wireless connectivity in hostels across the seaside town.

The WiFi will help some of the most vulnerable people in society access the basic goods and services that others can frequently take for granted.

It will provide a vital link to mainstream life for people at their time of greatest need.

The company has installed access points at nine temporary accommodation hostels as part of the wider deployment of free public WiFi in Southend-on-Sea.

Housing managers have welcomed the new connections, which go live in the coming weeks.

One of the main benefits of these residents getting access to WiFi is that they will be much better placed to keep in touch with support services.
They will also be able to remain responsible for providing information quickly to the Council’s Housing Solutions team in order to secure much needed permanent accommodation.

Without WiFi they are isolated and have to rely on someone else to complete forms, repeating sensitive information to different people, which makes their time at the temporary accommodation frustrating and can cause people to become depressed. If they don’t have funds to provide WiFi access themselves – and invariably they don’t – it prevents them from engaging themselves in the necessary support and communication vital to preventing inequality and discrimination.

Having WiFi will provide equal access to social media and online agencies in the process of finding housing, applying for benefits, paying their rent online, looking for jobs and courses in order to move forward with their lives. Plus, the children of families finding themselves homeless will have access to school websites in order to complete homework and keep in touch with their peers, family and friends.

WiFi in all areas, especially the communal areas, will provide the residents with access to TV programmes, particularly for those residents who originate from outside the UK, and games to enjoy together which all adds to better engagement and support for one another and a much happier environment to live in.”

Traci Dixon, group manager housing services at South Essex Homes

We are the official provider of free public WiFi in Southend-on-Sea. Using our service, users are able to enjoy unlimited free browsing without running up large bills for data usage at no cost to the taxpayer. We launched the town centre service last October in partnership with Southend-on-Sea Borough Council.

We believe that internet access should be a human right and nobody should be excluded from the opportunities of the digital world just because of their personal circumstances.

We also believe it is important that every successful company plays its part in helping those less fortunate. As such, we are proud to be helping residents of these hostels and hope they can use the free internet access to access what they need to turn their lives around.

Further information on the WiFi service can be found at

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