Free WiFi and official mobile application rolls-out to Windsor and Maidenhead this weekend

IntechnologySmartCities will provide fast, free WiFi in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, and deploy its localised lifestyle application, Citi-Wise. Residents and visitors in both municipalities will soon be able to access free WiFi in public spaces.
The leading free public WiFi provider IntechnologySmartCities will launch a next generation wireless network in both Windsor and Maidenhead town centres on Saturday, June 17.

The company is also providing a clever new mobile application, called Citi-Wise, for residents and visitors to quickly find restaurants, attractions and activities in and around Windsor and Maidenhead. Citi-Wise replaces the current Official Windsor and Maidenhead app, and is being launched in partnership with Visit Windsor and Enjoy Maidenhead.

The WiFi network will provide “blanket” connectivity to deliver a seamless and free-to-use experience for users, unlike the sporadic and costly coverage of “hotspots”. IntechnologySmartCities’s large-scale, high density network also allows local businesses to use the service to increase the visibility of their goods and services to visitors and residents. This will encourage greater engagement between consumers and businesses, driving commercial activities and delivering a boost to the Royal Borough’s economy.

The network will also support community engagement and social and digital inclusion by offering free access to the internet. The concession for IntechnologySmartCities comes at no cost to the Royal Borough and provides a platform through which a host of new revenues can be generated benefitting the local authority. These include sponsorship deals with reputable and trusted brands keen to engage with local users. The free Citi-Wise app takes people beyond the headline events in Windsor and Maidenhead town centres to discover a host of new, exciting and offbeat activities brought together in one place.

The Royal Borough will be able to use the network to deliver local services more efficiently through the so-called Internet of Things, where remote sensors gather data from the surrounding environment for analysis. This can help inform decisions about traffic management, refuse collection and leisure facilities.

We are excited to be working with the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead, an area rich in history and famous across the world for its royal connections. We particularly look forward to making a strong contribution to economic development, local businesses, tourism, community engagement and social and digital inclusion in the Royal Borough.

We believe that smart infrastructure like our public WiFi network has great potential to improve civic and business life, as well as the tourism experience for the 7.5 million people who visit the Royal Borough each year.

Our platform is the only choice for towns and cities in the UK that need to provide best-in-class free WiFi to residents and visitors, supported by a free ‘what’s on’ app to help people make the most of their environment.

For more information about the coverage area and the app, please visit and


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