The Connected City Platform and Edinburgh 2050: Building a better city

Edinburgh’s pioneering Council are engaging citizens in a new initiative, Edinburgh 2050, which asks residents to submit the vision they have of the city they would like to see by 2050.

What do the citizens envisage Edinburgh looking like by the mid-point of the 21st century? What would they like to see? This is the question being asked by 2050 Edinburgh City Vision, who for the past two years have been gathering the views of thousands of residents and stakeholder groups on their vision and hopes for the city under the guise of “My Edinburgh Will”. Some key themes have emerged already.

An “Inspired, Connected, Fair, and Thriving” City

There are many hoping that Edinburgh continues to grow as one of Europe’s destination cities, becoming a globally connected location and a thriving capital of culture, education and innovation.

Others hope for continued improvements and advancements in the technology industry to attract the biggest companies and retain the best talents, turning Edinburgh into a place to be for independents and global brands alike. The Council took a huge step towards this particular goal in installing blanket public WiFi through IntechnologyWiFi, which can now serve as a platform for offering further digital services to residents, tourists, businesses and local authorities alike.

Residents are keen to see progress in this area, with some prominent suggestions including utilising digital connectivity and the fast-developing local transport sector to create a cleaner, less-congested, and more sustainable city-wide transport network. A faster, more efficient electric-tram system could lead to the pedestrianisation of the city centre, creating a safer place for residents and visitors alike.

Others hope for more greenspace and stronger communities built around open areas for the public, free from the hustle and bustle of working life.

Edinburgh should balance its long and illustrious past with the technologies of the future to create an inclusive city, where everyone has equal access to education, housing and wellbeing opportunities.

Citizens can share their visions for a future Edinburgh here

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